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Man Starve Wife Till She Becomes Size 0


on - Abused Woman

Man starved his wife till she became skinny that she can wear the cloth of a 7 years old girl just because he wanted to size 0 partner.

An abused wife who claims she was starved by her evil husband who wanted a size zero partner was left so skinny she weighed just over five stone.

Matthew Hartley battered his wife Catherine during 12 years of hell, which she says left her so thin she could fit into clothes designed for a seven-year-old.

Catherine, 32, who was a healthy size 12 when she married Hartley, has claimed Hartley restricted her food intake in a bid to realise his dream of having a size zero partner.

She says he refused to let her eat because he didn’t “want a fat wife,” the Daily Record reports.

Catherine, speaking out about the campaign of terror, said she ended up so thin that when she lay down her bones hurt. - Abused Woman

Now Catherine says she feels let down by the justice system after Hartley walked free from court despite being found guilty of attacks on her.

In one attack, Hartley grabbed her by the neck and lifted her off the floor, before throwing her across the room and then sitting on her and trying to strangle her.

Catherine said: “He said I was fat so he put me on a diet. He wanted a size 0 wife.

“If I ate before I went to bed, he forced me to sleep on the sofa as he didn’t like the smell of food on me. - Abused Woman

“I ended up so thin that when I lay down on the mattress my bones hurt.

“In the end, I was wearing a girl’s age-seven clothes.

“One day we were with my family in their living room and I asked him to take me for some food as I was hungry.

“He lost it and grabbed me by the neck so my feet were hanging in the air and then threw me across the floor.

“He jumped on top of me, strangling me and almost chocked the life out of me.”

The 16-stone brute also seized her by the neck after an argument between January 2004 and December 2005.

Catherine said: “We’d had a disagreement while we were in the bedroom and he grabbed me by the neck, wrapped me up in the downie and put all his weight on me so I couldn’t breathe.”

She says monster Hartley took pleasure in humiliating her and on one occasion between June and August 2009, he seized her by the neck and lifted her out of a car before dropping her to the ground.

Catherine said: “He also caught me smoking so he pulled my dressing gown off and pushed me out on the balcony and locked the door.

“I was naked in full view of people in the office block close by and all the traffic on the busy street for over an hour.

“He wanted to control me and installed CCTV in every room in our house, even in our bedroom, so he could watch me on his phone.

“Matthew knew how much I loved my family and would often say he would pay one million pounds just to break my sister’s jaw.

“He terrified me and he took pleasure in torturing me because he had nothing better to do with his time.”

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