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Israel Under Rocket Attacks From Gaza


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Israel came under heavy rocket fire on Tuesday morning after the Israel Air Force killed Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Leader Bahaa Abu Al-Ata in an airstrike.

In the barrage of more than 50 rockets, there were several near-deadly strikes, but no actual deaths.

A rocket from Gaza landed on Route 4 in Gan Yavne this morning, creating a crater in the road. No one was killed in the incident, but a bus driver caught an up-close view of the explosion and hours later said he was still shaking.

“I was on my way back to Gan Yavne and I was at the intersection, suddenly, when I was drinking my coffee, I heard the alarm and did not stop to get out of the bus and I saw the explosion,” Daniel Hazan, the bus driver, told Channel 12’s Or Ravid.

“I was stressed. I didn’t know how to function,” Hazan added. “Thank G-d no one was on the bus. I drove away, I panicked. After 200 meters I stopped and I saw that the bus was hit by shrapnel, all the windows were shattered. My heart is still pounding. It’s scary. After seeing something like that with your own eyes, you feel more afraid. My body is still shaking.”

Additionally, a home in Netivot was hit by a rocket, but no one was killed. However,  a 66-year-old woman was injured and left in moderate condition, Maariv reported.

“As soon as one siren after another began sounding my husband, my daughter and I ran to the shelter and locked it tight,” the home owner, Bat Sheva Hadad, told Ynet.”We heard the boom and the power went out, so we figured it was inside our house.”

“When I came out of the shelter, I saw the hole it ripped in the kitchen ceiling, I also saw a hole above the dining area,” Hadad added. “I cried nonstop, I became really anxious.”

Hadad’s neighbor Naomi Davidi emphasized the importance of going to a shelter.

“The message I want to pass along is that going to a shelter is very important. I also dismissed it once, but if I hadn’t gone to the shelter much worse things would have happened,” Davidi told Ynet.

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