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Dog Sniffs Out Ovarian Cancer From A Woman


on -Stephanie Herfel
Stephanie Herfel and her dog Sierra

A woman has said she owes her dog her life after the dog sniffed out her ovarian cancer while resting its head on her stomach.

Stephanie Herfel, 52, began noticing changes in her dog’s behaviour when she started pushing her nose into her tummy while laying on her lap.

Initially, Stephanie took Sierra’s behaviour off as her playing – but claimed it began happening multiple times.

On another occasion, Stephanie, from Wisconsin, America, found the husky curled up at the back of her closet appearing to be upset – weeks before she was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer. -Stephanie Herfel

Stephanie said: “First she came up and put her nose on my belly, which I dismissed. She did this multiple times.

“Then (She was) curled up in a little ball with her nose under her tail. Her little face was completely wet and her eyebrows were crunched.

“(I was) just going through my head, ‘Sierra was telling me. Sierra was telling me.”

“If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be here today. I owe her my life.”

At the same time as changes began in Sierra’s behaviour, Stephanie had felt a few pangs of main in her abdomen.

Starting to think her dog might be trying to tell her someone, Stephanie visited the doctors for a check-up, report abc7.

She was then diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer.

However, after six months of treatment, Stephanie went into remission – but sadly relapsed three more times – with the disease spreading to her liver and pelvis.

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