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‘I Married The Wrong Person At The Right Time’ – Monalisa


on - Monalisa Chinda
Monalisa Chinda

Monalisa Chinda said she married the wrong person at the right time was the reason her first marriage crashed.

Monalisa Chinda’s first marriage to Segun Dejo Richards crashed after five years.

The actress made this known while granting an interview with The Sun.

The actress was asked if she sees her past marriage as a mistake or regret ever taking such a decision.

According to her, she was young and naive at that time and the person she got married to was wrong for her.

“No, I don’t see it as a mistake. I was just young and naive. I met the wrong person at the right time. The person was wrong for me, so what I did was to dust the dirt off my body and move on,” she said.

In 2009, Chinda was the talk of the town after her marriage to Dejo Richards hit the brick wall.

It was alleged that Chinda faced domestic violence and abuse in the hands of Richards.

They had a daughter, Tamar.

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