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Sambo, Young Nigerian Leading 5G Network Revolution In Scotland


on - Yusuf Sambo
Yusuf Sambo

Yusuf Sambo is a young Nigerian leading the 5G network revolution in Scotland.

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus which has been killing thousands of lives across the world, different opinions and suggestions as to the origin of the deadly disease have been made by world leaders, scientist, religion heads and concerned citizens from different nations.

No solid confirmation yet as to the cause and source of the virus. Although all fingers have been pointed to China as the pioneer of the disease following the outbreak of the virus from Wuhan.

Meanwhile, the Chinese foreign ministry has levelled allegation against the U.S. Army, accusing them of importing Coronavirus to Wuhan, China.

While still in search for answers as to the truth behind the dreaded virus, another opinion broke the internet a few days ago, alleging that the new generation of network, the 5G LTE network is the cause of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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