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Facts Of Life: How To Bring Down Your Jericho


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pulling down

You must learn to bring down your Jericho so that you can win the battle confronting you in every area of your life and for you to manifest in life.

Looking at all the battles that Joshua and the people of Israel fought in the quest to conquer and take possession of the Promised Land, you will discover that Jericho seems to be the toughest battle fought.

None of the other towns had walls as high and thick as Jericho, yet this was the same place God used the most insignificant weak method to bring the victory.

While Israel had to device strategies in other towns on how to penetrate the cities before the battle began in Jericho they were commanded to walk round the city once a day and seven times on the seventh day and give a shout then walls would collapse on its own accord.

If you ask me, I will say that it was not just the walking around and the shouting that brought down Jericho but the unquestionable obedience of God’s people.

Rational thinking from a rational mind is a great treasure but in following the Lord, something we must give in to can be irrational thinking and actions. 

If your Jericho must come down this season, you must make up your mind to listen to and obey the voice of God even when you do not understand.

Nevertheless, simple obedience can give you the most desired miracle of your life.

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1 Comment

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