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Facts Of Life: When You Return From The Battle Field


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When you return from the battle field, the promises you have been waiting for will come knocking at your door because you returned victorious.

Our God is not a joker, whatever He promised to do, He will do.

He gives blessing and honour to the obedient and curses and shame to the disobedient are sure to at their appropriate times.

Those who live in disobedience and sin, while praying for God’s blessings and breakthrough are only living in self-delusion.

Our God is merciful and kind his promises is a proof of His mercy and love.  No matter where and what extent sine had brought punishment and pain upon the people of Israel, God promised that if only they would return to Him.

He would bring them back from their captivity and restore them to their land.  We see a proof of this after the Babylonian captivity which lasted for a period of seventy years.

God restored their broken walls and healed their wounds.

This privilege of total restoration can be yours.  Sometimes, it is not just your sin which destroys you but you attitude towards your sins and provisions that God has made for you.

Today, God is calling you to return to Him from any direction where sin has taken you to.

Talking about sin, you may be thinking about those ones you call big ones, but remember that all unrighteousness is sin.  Lying, gossip and incomplete obedience can remove you from God’s favour.

However, return and be restored.

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