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Guarantor Not Required For CBN N50bn COVID-19 Loan

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has announced via its twitter handle that households and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, SMEs applying for the N50bn COVID-19 Targeted Credit Facility would not be required to provide guarantors before they can access the credit facility.

The CBN Twitter handle reveals that all applicants to the N50 billion credit facilities, who have successfully completed the application processes and submitted their account details, should expect credit alerts 48 hours afterwards.

Applicants are also advised to contact CBN by calling 09010026900 if they do not receive credit alert after 48 hours of submitting their account details.

CBN Twitter handle: “CBN waives the requirement for the provision of guarantors by Households and SMEs applying for its N50bn COVID-19 Targeted Credit Facility.

“All successful applicants under the CBN COVID-19 Targeted Credit Facility whose accounts have not been credited should go to https://nmfb.com.ng and input their account details in any bank of their choice.

“All successful Household and SME applicants who have submitted their account details for the CBN N50bn COVID-19 Targeted Credit Facility should expect their accounts to be credited within 48 hours of such submission, otherwise they should call 09010026900″.




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