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Consequences Of Cultism On Individuals And The Society


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Cultism can be defined as the practice of activities that are associated with Secret Cults. There are many consequences of cultism on individuals and the society at large.  The consequences are in two ways which are:
1. Consequences on the society
2. Consequences on the individual

 Consequences On The Society:

These are the consequences of cult activities which are suffered by the society at large they include the following;

  1. Loss Of Innocent Lives: Cult activities bring about the loss of innocent lives which may come about during violent cult clashes with other cult members or the police. This innocent citizens who are killed may otherwise have become valuable members of the society.
  2. Bad Image: Cult activities give the society bad image.

3. Increase In Crime Rate: Cult activities bring about the increase in crime rate, this is because cultists               engage in all sorts of crime such as raping, murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery. All these make the               society unsafe for living.

4. Fall In Standard Of Education: Frequent closure of schools and destruction of valuable school                        properties as a result of cult activities results to the fall of education standard.

5. Destruction Of Valuable Properties: Cult members are always prone to destroying valuable                            properties in the society in the course of their activities.

6. Increase In Violence: Cult activities also breeds the nature of violence in youths. Youths who become              cultists do not place any value on human life, and rather than resolve conflicts amicably resort to violent              means to solve problems which in turn breeds more violence as the saying goes ‘violence begat violence’.

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 Consequences On The Individual

  1. Death: many cult members end up paying the ultimate price for belonging to such groups. On daily basis cult members kill each other on grounds of supremacy and revenge.
  2. Destruction Of Health: Cult members engage in different forms of drug abuse and careless behaviour. These actions tend to destroy the body system and cause adverse health conditions.
  3. Loss Of Limbs: Cultists also lose their limbs during violent clashes with other cult groups. These cultists use dangerous materials to carry out their atrocities, in the process maim those targeted.
  4. Expulsion From School: Tertiary institutions have very low tolerance for cult activities and so any student found belonging to a cult is usually expelled from the school.
  5. Bad Reputation: Cultists have a bad reputation wherever they go, no body regards or respects them. They are always despised by their families and the society at large
  6. Poor Academic Performance: Cultists also experience poor academic performance in school. They skip lectures and have no time to read their books. This explains why many cultists end up spending more years than expected in the University.
  7. Shame And Embarrassment: Cultists bring a lot of shame, embarrassment and pain to their families. Parents are being tagged as bad parents or parents of armed robbers. Cultism has also made many parents lose their children to ultimately death.
  8. Prison Time: Belonging to a cult group is a criminal offense and so any individual found to belong to a cult is made by the courts of law to face prison time.
  9. Lack Of Peace: Cult members lack peace as they are always on the lookout for rival cult groups. They hardly stay one place because they fear for their security.
  10. Spiritual Problems: The voodoo ritual practice by cult groups bring untold spiritual implications on their well-being. They face all manners of spiritual attacks in the course of their lives.

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