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True Life Story: Cecile And The Agony Of Womanhood -7

The roads were busy as usual, lots of cars on the road, horns sound were like music on the road, Damian looking forward, he saw a young lady walking and looking, she doesn’t seem herself, she seems lost.

A Lexus jeep that was moving on a high speed, the driver moved past other cars without minding other road users as the young lady was about to cross to the other side of the road she was knocked down by the crazy driver; he drove away without caring about the young lady on the floor.

Damian saw it, got down from his car and ran towards the young lady, looking at her; she is very beautiful, slender and harmless.

‘Please help me get her to my car, I will take her to the hospital, Damian said to the people who gathered around.

‘She is fine’, said the doctor.

‘Are you sure doctor‘?, Damian asked.

‘She wasn’t hit as you thought, she suffered a little shock, she will be fine in a couple of hours, the doctor said to Damain.

‘So I was worried over nothing’, Damian said amazingly.

‘Please sir calm down, we have just ran some test on her and discovered she has high blood pressure, ulcer and depression’, the doctor said.

‘But she is a young lady’, Damian said.

‘Yes, young people suffer from this, she seems to be suffering from a traumatic experience or emotional disorder, please excuse me’, said the doctor.

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Damian walked to the ward of the young lady to check up on her.  She slept peacefully, her looks was without worry.  He kept on worrying about what would cause her to be depressed, he has heard young people get depressed easily, most especially when they don’t have someone to lean on.

He looked up and saw the clock 10:35pm, he couldn’t go home by this time, his mother would have been so worried about him now, he thought as he takes one more look at her, he went outside the hospital heading to his car to call his mother.

‘Hello my son’, Damian’s mother picked up at first ring.

‘Hello mom, am so sorry for not calling you earlier, I was just caught up in something’, said Damian.

‘What was that my dear?, that you couldn’t call up your mother or pick up my calls’, Damian mother asked.

‘What happened dear, where are you?, his mother asked again.

‘I was involved in an accident’, Damian replied.

‘What, where are you, how did you…..when did….?’

‘Mom, calm down’.

‘How can you ask me to calm down, where are you?, I am coming there right now’.

‘Mom, that wouldn’t be necessary’.

‘Why would you say that son’

‘Because I am fine, what I meant was I helped someone who had an accident, I rushed her to the hospital’, he could hear the sound of relief in her voice.

‘Thank God, you are okay’ she said.

‘Yes, mom’, Damian said to his mother reassuringly.

He narrated the ordeal to his mother and she listened attentively without interrupting him for once.

……… Stay tuned for part 8.


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